How to Wire a Light Switch Home

May 8th

How to wire a light switch – Have knowledge of basic wiring home can save you money. The ability to fix or install basic electrical components such as switches or wall sockets can save many visits faces electrician or contractor. Here’s how to connect a cable to light switch or wall outlet. Disconnect the power supply of any circuit that will work in your fuse box before you make wiring a light switch or a wall outlet. If in doubt about what controls your circuit fuse, turn off the main power. Better safe than sorry.


How to wire a light switch, remove the insulation of the cables that will connect to the switch. Each cable will have a black and white wire, remove enough insulation to half inch (1.27 cm) wire is exposed.

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How to wire a light switch, connect the black wires to the screws on the side of the switch. Loosen them, slide the cable underneath and tighten them. Take the two white wires and connect them with a nut. Turn on the circuit again and test the operation of the switch. Remove the insulation of the cables that will connect the plug. Each cable will have one black and one white wire. Remove enough insulation to half inch (1.27 cm) is exposed.

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